UK – an immobile society

Posted in education, equality, poverty, reports, research, social, trends by Andrew Curry on 20 October, 2007

It would be nice to be able to say something positive about this. But in the space of less than a week, there have been three separate reports which in their own ways have each emphasised how sharp – and how stuck – the differences are between between poor and richer in the UK.


Blindspot – our over-examined children?

Posted in blindspot, children, education, emerging issues, reports, social by Andrew Curry on 11 June, 2007

In futures work a blindspot is something you can’t see because your assumptions about the way the world is are so strong that they act as blinkers to listening to other views about it. (There’s an amusing discussion of this at the ‘Simply Speaking’ blog).

The depth of a blindspot can be assessed by how quickly the discussion is closed down – and the strength of the language used to do this. I couldn’t help but think of this as I watched the instant and negative reaction of the government, the Conservatives, and newspaper leader-writers to the argument of the General Teaching Council that the extensive testing of under-16 year old children in England might be bad for their education.



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