The changing shape of street vending

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Fujitsu UBWall
A couple of recent posts from the Core 77 design blog tell complementary stories about the future of street vending machines. They will be more responsive to the ambient environment around them, and also less resource hungry.



Russia develops new types of state power

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The Prussian military strategist Clausewitz famously said something along the lines of ‘war is a continuation of politics by other means’, and his distinction is still made in the 21st century with the difference between ‘hard power’ and ‘soft power’. Estonia’s claims today that they have been under cyber-attack from the Russians for the past three weeks, if true, suggest that the Russians are developing a ‘third way’ between the two.

Ted Heath’s prescient comment on liberties

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While checking some of the background for yesterday’s blog on liberties, I found this comment attributed to the former Conservative British Prime Minister Ted Heath, dated from the 1970s and recalled by Alan Hart, a former BBC journalist in a letter to the Guardian last November:

I am reminded of something Ted Heath said to me, about a year after he ceased to be prime minister. I asked him what he most feared for the future – and expected him to say something like: “Catastrophe if we fail to address the problem of global poverty.” What he actually said was: “Britain will become the first police state in the democratic world.”