Climate change impact on UK biodiversity

Posted in biodiversity, climate change, environment, trends by thenextwavefutures on 26 May, 2007

song thrush

I mentioned last week the climate change maps from the French researchers CIRED, which show the type of weather we can expect in 2071 on probablistic trends. This week environmental researchers released a study analysing shifts in animal and bird patterns in the UK.

The MONARCH report (it’s one of those dreadful ‘clever’ EU research acronyms) was the result of seven years of study and looked at likely biodiversity impacts through focussing on 120 threatened species through to the 2080s. 32 were studied in depth. It was launched by Natural England this week. 90% of the species studied will be significantly affected; some will suffer more because of fragmented habitat; and there could be quite significant geographical shifts. The south of England, for example is likely to lose the song thrush (but gain more stag beetles).

Copies of the report can be downloaded from the UKCIP Publications page. (Free registration usually required).

Acknowledgements of Birds of Britain – the monthly web magazine for bird watchers – as the source of the picture.


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