The Association of Professional Futurists has just published a list of trends to watch in 2009, nominated by members. Eight in all – two on governance, two on geopolitics, two on sustainability, and two others broadly in the area of leisure/entertainment . Not sure about the last one (on the future of the American women’s soccer league: I’d have thought the bursting of the professional sports financial bubble was a more interesting prospect). The list is below the fold,

  • Mechanisms to support greater transparency will continue to evolve as a global strategy for combating political and corporate corruption
  • The emergence of credible new steps toward the development of new  global governance structures with stronger regulatory power for the first time in decades.
  • Russia’s changing role in regional and world geopolitics— Are we watching the early days of a new ‘Cold War’?
  • Civil unrest within China stemming from displaced workers from a slower growing economy and/or rise of youth culture more demanding of democratic policies.
  • We’ll see governments and companies investing in ‘Smart Infrastructure’ for transportation, energy, information. and people
  • ‘Peak Production’ of Oil (and possibly other natural resources) might emerge as the mainstream energy policy issue in the next 12 months
  • ‘Digital TV’ is going mainstream as new web services reach more audiences through an old platform
  • Sports Culture: Will the Women’s Professional Soccer league (The WPS) succeed economically or not?