My weekly collection of the provocative, intriguing, or curious, in a world where the house is falling down. The contextual, the cultural, and other things that catch my eye.

Image: Fashion Revolution
  • Remembrance Day for Lost Species is this weekend. 60% of species have disappeared in the Sixth Great Extinction, so there are plenty to choose from.
  • India’s ruling party is dismantling ideas of liberty and equality. So says Arundhati Roy in a long lecture. It is using bureaucratic and legalistic tools to strip millions of citizenship.
  • I’m sceptical about the prospects for the space economy. But it seems that there are some things that are better manufactured in space.
  • Nine theses on digital culture. It’s a bit dense, and a bit academic, but the penultimate post on The Frailest Thing blog is certainly thought provoking.
  • The 2018 Oscars cock-up tells us quite a lot about systems safety. As Tim Harford explains on 99% Invisible, safety features often make us less safe. Podcast, 32 minutes.

“The whole world’s at sixes and sevens, and why the house hasn’t fallen down about our ears long ago is a miracle to me.” (Thornton Wilder)