My weekly collection of the provocative, intriguing, or curious, in a world where the house is falling down. The contextual, the cultural, and other things that catch my eye.

Image via Theos.

  • ‘We’ve come not to have a future’. The science fiction author William Gibson thinks we’re suffering from ‘future fatigue’.
  • Blurring the powerful. It’s a recent news trend, apparently. Dushko Petrovich tries to work out why.
  • Wanting so much to be rich and famous. This Vanity Fair podcast about Elizabeth Holmes and the last days of her lavishly funded start-up Theranos is a year old, but the detail is eye-popping. (47 minutes)

“The whole world’s at sixes and sevens, and why the house hasn’t fallen down about our ears long ago is a miracle to me.” (Thornton Wilder)