My weekly collection of the provocative, intriguing, or curious, in a world where the house is falling down. The contextual, the cultural, and other things that catch my eye.

More on the coronavirus: this week I’ve looked for some more personal pieces.

The New York Phil plays the Bolero as a tribute to the city’s health workers.

Lockdown is a liminal, in-between space. Managing boundaries and transitions suddenly feels much more important.

‘My friend K. succumbed to Covid-19…’ A post on the LRB’s blog on ‘the anger yet to come’.

We’re all having pandemic dreams. It may change our relationship with sleep– and with each other.

Just say no to hustle culture. We need time to recover from the social and psychic toll of the pandemic.

‘It’s not a time for conclusions’. Urbanist Dan Hill’s ‘Memory Papers’ seeks to remember these days.

Architecture has always mirrored public health It will do the same this time.

Some of the front room music has been terrific. Highlights include the New York Phil’s Bolero, Opera North’s Also Sprach Zarathustra, and the California school choir’s ‘Over the Rainbow’.

And: The Folk on Foot Front Room Festival has raised close to £100,000 – two hours plus of podcast highlights are here.

_“The whole world’s at sixes and sevens, and why the house hasn’t fallen down about our ears long ago is a miracle to me.” (Thornton Wilder)