Twittering about the law

Posted in civil liberties, media, politics, technology, web 2.0 by thenextwavefutures on 21 May, 2011

The story of Twitter and the super-injunctions isn’t about technology. It’s about power, fairness, and history.

It’s easy to mock judges for being out of touch with society, and it is true that they live in a cocooned world and don’t tend to mix with much of society. But when a judge tells us that “modern technology is totally out of control” it’s clear that there’s more going on than the bench needing to be advised that the Rolling Stones are, m’lud, a modern beat combo. The assault on Twitter and its users by the appropriately named Lord Judge – Britain’s lord chief justice – is about the contract that we make as citizens with the law.


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Servant of two masters

Posted in technique by thenextwavefutures on 1 May, 2011

Facilitators have to keep the interests of both client and participants in play together, all the time, if they want their process to succeed.

One of the little known secrets of facilitation is that the facilitator is the servant of the two masters. They are, to use a different metaphor, riding two horses, and if they don’t keep both in hand, and in head, they will get torn apart.


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