In my (volunteer) role as editor of the APF newsletter Compass, I recorded a discussion with Wendy Schultz and Tanja Hichert at the end of this year’s Scenarios 2018 conference. This is also posted at the APF’s blog. The podcast is 32 minutes, and it’s a good conversation, but you probably need to have some interest in foresight and futures history and practice to get the most out of it.

The second Scenario Planning and Foresight conference, held at Warwick Business School in December 2018, was sub-titled ‘Advancing Theory and Improving Practice’. The keynote speakers were Thomas Chermack, talking about his recent book based on his research in the Pierre Wack archive in Oxford, and Rene Rohrbeck, who spoke about his work on the effectiveness of foresight. There were also around 65 other presentations in a number of streams over the course of the two day event.

A number of APF members attended, including Wendy Schultz, Adam Gordon, Tanja Hichert, Andrew Curry, Ted Fuller, Jan Klakurka and Bill Irwin. Wendy, Adam, Ted, Jan and Bill all gave presentations.

At the end of the event, Andrew Curry sat down with Wendy Schultz and Tanja Hichert for a conversation about the conference, its content, and its memorable moments. This conversation is the first in an occasional series of Compass podcasts. 

Selected Links

  Wendy Schultz on the Harman Fan

  GBN’s account of the Montfleur scenarios

  Matt Spaniol’s research page

  The plausibility problem in scenarios

  Thomas Chermack’s book on Pierre Wack which is eye-wateringly expensive

   Rene Rohrbeck’s book on corporate foresight—also eye-wateringly expensive

  Rohrbeck article on the effect of corporate foresight

  Review of Rohrbeck book by in the APF Compass newsletter by APF member Alireza Hejazi, in a pre-pub version.